Ten albums for January 2011, with audiovisuals:


Showroom of Compassion by CAKE (2011)


Cape Dory by Tennis (2011)


Dye it Blonde by Smith Westerns (2011)


Libraries by The Love Language (2010)


Marquee Moon by Television (1977)


Surfer Rosa by Pixies (1988)


Night Ripper by Girl Talk


The Monitor by Titus Andronicus (2010)


Tanganyika by Davis Levels (2010)

My cousin Steve is in Davis Levels, so maybe I’m biased, but I think their six-song debut, Tanganyika is pretty legit.  They’ve got it up for streaming at their bandcamp page, and for “purchase” at a name your price cost.  What have you got to lose, 50 MB?  Don’t you have an external hard drive?  Doesn’t your phone have thirty-two gigs of  storage?

Once again, this album can be found right here.



Duran Duran (1981)

Cheers, January 2011, and thanks.

With all due respect,